Showroom Riviera Wongamat

Showroom of The Riviera Wongamat Beach one of the most beautiful showroom build in Pattaya. Showroom include examples types of units: studio 31 square meter, one bedroom 50 sq. meter with large balcony, one bedroom 35 sq. meter and two bedroom 84 sq. meter. All show apartments created in full size.

Location of Showroom Riviera Wongamat.

Showroom located on side of construction of Riviera Wongamat condominium. It is free to visit and open every day from morning until evening. Address – Thailand, Pattaya, Wongamat, Naklua Soi 16. You can visit showroom any time you want, but for our resale units please contact us direct.

The Riviera is consisted of two towers, with great views to Pattaya’s great beach in the upmarket Wongamat. More specifically, the new project consists of 40-storey tower in the north and 43-storey tower in the south, with 979 units, ranging from 27 square meters studio condos to 134 square meters, with 3 bedroom condos and they are fully fitted.

*Video about Showroom Riviera Wongamat, project in general and previous project The Palm Wongamat Beach by Destination Thailand

Photo of Studio 31 sq. meter from showroom Riviera Wongamat

Studio Riviera Wongamat Kitchen

*Studio – Kitchen

Studio Riviera Wongamat TV and Kitchen

*Studio – TV & Kitchen

Studio Riviera Wongamat TV and cabinet

*Studio – TV & cabinet

Studio Riviera Wongamat bed

*Studio – bed

Riviera Wongamat Studio Living Room

*Studio – Living Room

Riviera Wongamat Studio Bathroom

*Studio – Bathroom

Photo of One Bedroom 50 sq. meter with big balcony from showroom Riviera Wongamat

Riviera Wongamat 1 bedroom dining area

*One bedroom – dining area

Riviera Wongamat 1 bedroom living room

*One bedroom – living room

1 bedroom Riviera Wongamat Balcony

*One bedroom – Balcony

1 bedroom Riviera Wongamat Dining Area

*One bedroom – Kitchen & dining

1 bedroom Riviera Wongamat

*One bedroom – Bedroom

1 bedroom Riviera Wongamat

*One bedroom – Bedroom

Riviera Wongamat 1-bedroom kitchen

*One bedroom – Kitchen

Riviera Wongamat 1-bedroom wardrobe

*One bedroom – Wardrobe

Riviera Wongamat 1-bedroom Restroom

*One bedroom – Restroom

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