Riviera Wongamat Location

* Riviera Wongamat Location

Why You Want to Live at The Riviera Wongamat Beach

The Riviera Wongamat Beach is two-separated towers of high rise condominium located near the Wongamat Beach of Pattaya, Thailand. Pattaya situated in the Chonburi province, Thailand’s largest tourist oriented city.

The condo units is only 300 meters away from the beach and only 10 minutes from the Walking Street; the Pandora of crazy nightlife at the central of Pattaya. After all the exhilarating activities in Pattaya, wouldn’t it be nice to come back to a cozy, quiet and luxurious condominium overlooking the beach and the wide-open sea? Must be heaven!

A country well known for its beautiful islands, tropical beaches, ancient ruins and its exotic culture and nightlife, Thailand thrive in providing satisfaction for anyone seeking a little excitement and bliss in their life.

Pattaya, especially, is phenomenal territory in Thailand that always offers big surprises for visitors whenever they step foots in the area. While the nightlife in Pattaya is incredible, the day is better spend at beautiful and sandy Wongamat Beach.

Pattaya day time photo

*Photo of Pattaya Hill

Wongamat photo of couples on Wongamat Beach

*Time to relax

Wong Amat Beach: The Perfect Location to Relax and Enjoy Life

Wongamat Beach is situated to the north and south of the main Pattaya beach and suggest far better surroundings than the very hectic and boisterous Pattaya beach.

There are no noisy speedboats taking people parasailing and to the islands. Hence, it is much tranquil to settle down and enjoy the warm waters of the gulf of Thailand. You can enjoy looking at the sunset by the beach club. It offers magnificent view while you sipping a half price cocktail at happy hour, between 5pm and 7pm every day.

It is not as crowded and noisy as any other beaches in the Pattaya hotspots. The beach is the epitome of calm and relaxing summer getaway. When you visiting Pattaya, now you know you can choose a less crowded beach to spend your day at.

Most of the people who came to the beach are residence of the luxurious hotels and condominiums in the area. Due to its being compacted with high class buildings all around, Wongamat residency area earn the nickname Beverly Hills but bears a much better resemblance to the Hamptons.

Wongamat Neighborhood, Attractions and Things to Do

While Wongamat is able to fulfill the rich and the richest vacations for a lifetime, it doesn’t rely completely on the sandy beach and golden homes for tourism. Wongamat is not far from the Bottle Art Museum where art appreciators can leisurely stare at the quirky displays.

The arts represent the creative minds of Thailand’s artists. Besides the art museum, take a visit into the Fishing Villages to catch a glimpse of what Thailand was 40 years ago. Sightseeing is allows only in daylight and by the nighttime, the Royal Navy of Thailand will guard the place to protect the heritage.

Remember to have fun at some other places as well; Ban Sukhawadee, Underwater World, Pattaya Elephant Village, Khao Chi Chan, Dolphin World & Resort, Cabaret Shows, Flyboard, Happy Home Thai Cooking School, Ao Dong Tan etc.

Photo of The Sanctuary of True Pattaya

*The Sanctuary of True.

From indoor to outdoors, there are so many activities you can engage in. Besides leaving your footprints of the landmarks, there are still adventures to experience while in Wongamat and Pattaya:

  • Windsurf
  • Water ski
  • Swim
  • Snorkel
  • Sail, or take trips to nearby islands
  • Bungee jumping
  • Cycling
  • Skydiving
  • Go Karting
  • Muay Thai (Thai boxing)
  • Paintball
  • Golf

The Wongamat is the oasis of serenity that can be found in the midst of bustling city like Pattaya. The spectacular view of the beach and the ocean as well as the nearby bar and restaurant that offer Thai and international cuisine. The variety offers from the ground of Wongamat can’t get any better than this.

Riviera Wongamat location – best address to be!

Wongamat Photo

*Photo from the sea overlooking to Wongamat (North Pattaya)


Minimarts (less 500 meters around):


Supermarkets near Wongamat::

Street Markets:

  • Lan Pho Na Kluea Seafood Market
  • Amorn Nakhorn Food Market
  • Photisarn Market

Famous Restaurants:

Sports Facilities:


Attraction near Wongamat:



  • Government schools
  • Language schools
  • Others


  • Public Transport (Baht Taxi) on Naklua
  • Car & Motorbike Taxi around

The Riviera Wongamat Beach condominium – high rise buildings own by the Riviera Group are specially design by Steven Leach & Associates to match the modern architecture of luxurious residency. It’s the finest looking condominiums that glisten like jewel during the nights in the city of Pattaya. It has the superior view of the oceans at night as it’s only 2 minutes walk to Wongamat beach. The neighboring luxurious hotel and resort has made high profits from the entire tourist visiting the city every year.

The best part of staying in the area of the richest is the visits to the establishment of shopping mall that should offer variety of needs for the residents. The city of Pattaya offers nothing less for you to go around and enjoy the available shops inside the malls.
The residence is both of outstanding architectural design and luxurious interior. Riviera also insists on the comfort and the perfect living space for the residents, away from crowded and noisy city.

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Big Buddha mountain Pattaya

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Walking Street - nightlife of Pattaya

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Cabaret show Tifany Pattaya

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