Concept of The Riviera Wongamat Beach condominium.

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With the increased rate of population and tourism, Pattaya sure has a lot to offer to people of all age and type now. And bearing the current statistics and people’s lifestyle in mind, Riviera Group presents The Riviera Wongamat Beach Project with the finest condominium plans for a rich, sophisticated and luxurious experience.

The Riviera Wongamat is a high-rise condominium development situated at one of the most prestigious and magnificent locations of Pattaya – Wongamat. The deluxe structure is designed by Steven Leach and his associates who pledge to deliver a dream condo that depicts every individual buyer’s taste in a unique yet rich manner.

The Riviera project is embraced within two tall polished buildings that overlook the beautiful ocean and reflect its serenity. This modern masterpiece is set to be completed by 2017 while the talented architects ensure to unveil glamour, class and opulence all in one package which would speak for itself once ready.

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Why �The Riviera Wongamat Beach?

The Riviera Wongamat Beach condominium is designed for people looking forward to living in a condo loaded with bountiful experiences. The condo is situated at one of Pattaya’s most beautiful and exciting locations, Wongamat beach facing the ocean.

Whether its day or night, any moment of the day offers a divine view from each and every area of the two towers. Both towers are designed with intricate details to make them look unique. Each condo is designed to have extensive amenities to accustom the lifestyle and level of every buyer, but always lxurious.

Some of the many amenities offered to buyers include multiple pools, sky terrace on the 23rd and 24th floor, water sliders, terraced garden, open green area etc.

Rivera Wongamat Beach Condo in Pattaya

*Riviera Wongamat buildings

Riviera Wong Amat Project Location Information

The location is ideal for all age groups as it’s easy to get to places on the weekdays and on weekends, buyers can take a load off, admire the gorgeous view and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of their homes.

When in the mood for some fun or fresh air, owners may feel free to take a walk on the beach or go for a swim in the ocean. The Riviera Wongamat Beach is developed by Riviera Group headed and managed by Mr. Winston Gale.

The idea behind the luxurious design is to allow the buyers to own and get the real feel of sophistication, class and comfort, all in one package at the most tranquil locations in Pattaya. The tall towers so close to the sky, greenery all around and the ocean right ahead makes this location close to perfection.

Features of Riviera Wongamat

Besides being located at one of finest beaches of Pattaya which offers a magnificent view, the unique structure also offers abundance of rich facilities to go with owners’ plush lifestyle. The sky touching towers are designed with exciting 37m wide edge-swimming pools along with various children’s pools for a relaxing as well as lavish experience every single day. The marvellous condo also boasts impressive sky terrace within each tower overlooking the ocean on one side and the city’s dominant skyline on the other. Additional features of the condo include an extravagant fitness suite and plenty of open space equipped with heavy greenery. The condo is endowed with private terraced garden which can easily hold grande parties and events. Each condo comes with a fitness room with a surreal sky view. With an enormous recreational area, water sliders, open air lobby, multi level deck spots, floating pavilion and sala’s, luxury hotel style drop-off area and tropical landscape, this modern condominium is no less than a vacation spot. It’s easy to go on and on about the features of The Riviera Wongamat Beach however its best feature remains the 31st floor private sky garden that no one can walk away from.

infinity pool at the riviera wong amat pattaya thailand

*Infinity swiming pool on 23 floor

Riviera Wongamat Front Sea View 43 floor

*View from the top of front building Riviera Wongamat.

Riviera Wonamat for Children

aerial view of the riviera wongamat luxury condo development in pattaya

*One of ground swimming pools

Riviera Wongamat condo is 100% safe, peaceful and eco-friendly for children of all age. With plenty of green area for children to play and conduct other activities, these condos give them a chance to experience fun as well as comfort. The developers have designed the condo while keeping children’s safety and desires in mind too. Children can be prepared to have the best time at The Riviera Wongamat Beach as the condominium is designed to have a kid’s club, children’s playground with sufficient place for kids to play, plenty of wide-open green areas for kids to get fresh air, cycle and play, water sliders and children’s swimming pool. When not inside the condo, kids can head out to the beach perfectly secure for children to play (With adult supervision). Kids can enjoy the white sand and beautiful view of the ocean. The Riviera Wonamat Beach is situated at a friendly and secure neighbourhood suitable for children and young adults.

Why Wongamat, Pattaya?

Pattaya is one of world’s most sublime cities which is primarily famous for its beach resorts. Pattaya attracts hundreds and thousands of people from all around the world all year round. Pattaya is the heart of Pattaya-Chonburi Metropolitan Area and is situated about 100 kms away from Bangkok. The Riviera Wongamat condo is situated by the Wongamat beach along the city’s magnificent skyline. Wongamat is located at the North of the bay of Pattaya surrounded with a rich and arguably surreal environment. With growing skylines, classy hotels, noble entertainment centers and glorious malls, Wongamat has successfully become one of the most supreme areas of Pattaya. Over the past few years, the rich location has amassed a lot of attention and it’s often referred as the Beverly Hills of Pattaya by the locals. The Riviera Wongamat is designed alongside lavish condos situated by the beautiful white sand beach amongst a stretch of tall buildings.

The View from sea to Wongamat area

*Photo of Wongamat area

About Riviera Group

Riviera Group is headed by Winston Gale, the co-developer of The Palm. The development team is run by experienced businessmen, architects and designers with a strong financial background who aim to give owners a rich experience. The team of experienced developers stride to bring glamour, comfort and beauty to a whole new level. With number of luxurious and expensive condos swelling in Thailand, Riviera Group desires to give home owners a chance to sense that well-heeled vibe at a reasonable outlay. Their other projects include The Riviera Jomtien, their second high-rise development.

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